The inner

May 17, 2009

In the past year my latest addiction became following blogs like Dairi Burger, that snark at the YA pulp that was foisted onto our impressionable teenage selves in the 80’s and 90’s. After looking at other people’s blogs for years i decided it was high time  to act on my wishes and start one myself.

Ever since i was a teenager i have been addicted to the kind of sappy romance novels that make Gone with the wind look like a Dostoyevski classic. See it as an antidote to studying and living in a city where a snobbier-and-more cultured-than-thou attitude is a civic duty. As long as it is the type of escapist women’s fluff that satisfied the inner in us, I’m game to blog about it. 

For now, i am going to focus on snarkworthy women’s lit. Once i have found my feet, i would also like to blog about vintage tv series and films. On the waiting list are titles like Jephte’s daughter by Naomi Ragen and Flowers in the blood by Gay Coulter. A subsection will be devoted to the 80’s and early 90’s  Bonkbuster phenomenon, otherwise known as ‘sex and shopping’ novels. Written by authors like Jilly Cooper, Judith Krantz and Jackie Collins, they often featured the glamorous lifestyle of poor misunderstood little rich girls. A typical excerpt would probably go along the lines of  ‘Wearing nothing but diamonds and being attented by her personal masseuse Guido, Crystal Chiffon dreamt about the time she was just plainMary Sue, awaiting eagerly her first date with the boy that would turn out to be her only true love, Rock Blane.’ It was impossible to ever be seen out in public with any of these books, but the furtive joy of sneaking off to a dark corner in the library and enjoying the ongoing adventures of Crystal Chiffon and her ilk was never the less because of this slight handicap. In fact, it probably added to it. Other teenagers stole car radios, composed molotov cocktails and/or snogged the gardener in front of their parents. I read mind-numbing trash, go figure. 

 If you have any other suggestions for future posts, feel free to leave it in the comments below. Does it have age-old castles that are suddenly destroyed by an earthquake the minute our heroine runs away from her lord of the manor/cruel husband ? Is the heroine in question described in fantastical terms like ‘chaste yet luminous’ ( Have we ever in our lives met anyone that could be described in this manner? It makes her sound like a Mormon that was exposed to 1986 Tsjernobyl) and ‘ridiculously beautiful’ ? I would love to hear about it.


PS: Expect the first real entry to be up within a week.

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