Too busy greeting my public.

May 23, 2009

Diva at sunset:


Bluestocking at sunrise



or rather, if the discussion during class becomes too heated,


For the past few days i have been living a double life. By day i am wrapping up my Bachelor’s degree, by night starring in a play. Between swearing at my computer screen and greeting my public there hardly seems to be enough time to breathe, never mind blog about the trials and tribulations of our favourite Orthodox Jew heroine, the lady Chatterley lovin’ luminous Batsheva. Though I’m sure you cannot wait to get to know this winning combination of Pollyana and the more lascivious type of Jackie Collins heroine, I’m afraid it will take me a few more days to post properly.

Bear with me, because in a few days my life will go back to normal. Not only will you get to know Batsheva and her literature tutor/Marilyn Monroe doppelganger. I’ve also got a Bollywood film lined up, that’s kinda feminist. Well, sorta. Bollywood heroine is apple of father’s eye until she falls in love with the town Lothario and becomes, OMG, pregnant! Is she  cast aside as the town ride and left to wander to the nearest cliff? Hell no! Well, sorta. In fact she… Oh, why spoil the fun?! Just stay tuned for the recap. Until then i will leave you with the truly craptascular movie poster


Which hints at the marvelous cheese and snark gold that the finest of Bollywood can offer.

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